The following guidelines must be followed by all researchers utilizing the Shenandoah Room:

  • Only 2 researchers and one computer user will be allowed in the Shenandoah Room at any one time. If immediate family members wish to conduct research together, staff may increase the number of individuals allowed in the Shenandoah Room
  • 1 computer will be available for research purposes. 1 hour appointments can be made to use the computer to access, Family Search, or other relevant databases. 
  • All researchers will be expected to remain seated within an established area while in the Shenandoah Room
  • During walk in hours, only the books in the Shenandoah Room will be made available. 
  • Anyone who wishes to use the archives, a computer, family folders, or the microfilm are required to have an appointment. 
  • Anyone needing research assistance is required to have an appointment
  • Materials
    • Books and archival material will be pulled beforehand for appointments.
    • Browsing will only be allowed during walk-in hours (Thursday, Thursday, and Saturday). Only books in the Shenandoah Room will be available during these days
    • All items utilized during walk in hours must be returned to the book cart
    • No materials will be pulled during an individual’s visit to the Shenandoah Room during walk in hours
    • No browsing will be allowed during an individual's appointment. 
    • Microfilm will be available by appointment. Reels must be requested in advance. The machine may be pre-loaded, but no additional microfilm assistance will be provided
    • Limits may be placed on the number of items that can be requested


  • Research etiquette
    • All researchers will be required to sign in upon arrival. This shall certify they understand all rules imposed during COVID-19
    • All research rules will be posted in the entranceway, at the research tables, and online. Rules will also be explained when individuals make appointments.
    • No pencils, scrap paper, or other items will be provided.
    • All researchers must wash their hands before entering the Shenandoah Room
    • No hand sanitizer will be allowed in the Shenandoah Room
    • Gloves (provided) will be worn when utilizing archival materials
    • Researchers will be assigned a research table and should remain at their table at all times
    • Proper social distancing must be observed at all times
    • Masks must be worn by researchers at all times when in the Shenandoah Room

Access to the collection may be denied to those failing to follow our COVID-19 guidelines. 

Appointments should be made by contacting Archivist Zachary Hottel at (540)984-8200 between the hours of 10:00AM and 5:00PM, Monday-Friday.