New Market Area Library

160 East Lee Street
PO Box 452
New Market, VA 22844
Phone: (540) 740-8650
Fax: (540) 740-2956
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History: The New Market Area Library opened on November 11, 1974. It was founded by a group of area residents headed by Bessie Tusing, who made space available in the historic Henkel House. The library is now located in a new building behind the Hildeath Municipal building, across from the Emmanuel Lutheran Church.

Mission: The New Market Area Library’s mission is to provide an environment that enriches the lives of its patrons and, therefore, the life of its community. By providing a full array of media to New Market and surrounding communities and serving as a place in which the community may hold small meetings and research local history, the library will help ensure New Market’s future. The mission will be achieved through the following objectives:

Providing a wide variety of books for toddlers, juveniles, young adults, and adults in both fiction and nonfiction.

Ensuring that there is a good collection of large-print books

Growing a collection of books on CD

Nurturing the growth of periodicals of interest to readers in the community

Providing a community bulletin board to encourage communication throughout the New Market area of noteworthy events

Keeping connectivity available to patrons and visitors to the Internet through public access computers and WI-FI

Providing an atmosphere that is conducive to all learners, including those who wish to learn English as a second language

Utilizing space in a way to create interest in special events, historical celebrations and publications and media received

Fostering a community spirit to encourage the use of the library by key groups to enhance the scope of the library’s use – book groups, civic groups

Further developing the uses of the library for children’s programs both internal to the library and in conjunction with other programs and with local pre-schools

Continuing to recruit volunteers in order to ensure that the hours are expanded and expanded in a manner to address the needs of the community