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Looking for something?  Find it Virginia probably has it. You can find magazine and newspaper articles, encyclopedias and other reference works, TV and radio transcripts, company information and investment reports, health and wellness information, and homework help, plus photos, charts, maps, diagrams, and illustrations.

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MasterFILE Elite provides full text for magazines, periodicals and reference books covering a wide-range of subject areas. This database also provides an Image Collection containing photos, maps and flags. To begin, click here. If you're logging in from home, please use your library card number for access.

Reference Solutions (formerly Reference USA) is a database listing over 14 million Businesses, 210 million residential listings, and 855,000 physicians and dentists. Look up a college roommate, find a medical office or get information about a business. Updated monthly, so you won't get stuck with out-of-date listings.

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